Revelation 14:2, 3
And I heard a sound from heaven like the roar of rushing waters (many waters) and like a loud peal of thunder. The sound I heard was like that of harpists play their harps. And they
sang a new song
before the throne
and before the four
living creatures
and the elders.

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Beauty for Ashes began in a prayer meeting in 1997 and grew to become an ongoing monthly all night prayer for the Southeast region of PA attended by people from diverse church and ethnic backgrounds. The ministry holds an annual retreat/conference for women and offers ongoing prayer and service Creativity, vibrant worship, prayer, service, and unity marked the ministry. 

Many people experience spiritual growth, emotional and physical healing, build lasting friendships, and gain confidence in sharing their faith and engaging in mission and ministry. We see ourselves as women ministers serving our communities through our gifts and strengths. We are "women of means" (Luke 8) making inroads for the extension of the kingdom. 

We will host another BFA weekend retreat in the Spring of 2015. If you are interested in helping to make it happen, please contact me.

I have been refreshing my counseling with a special emphasis on resolving grief, trauma, and resentment. If you or someone you know needs "restored hope" (Jeremiah 29:11), please refer me.  I am also available to speak at women's groups and other gatherings. I look forward to hearing from you. 


April 2014

Welcome to ManyWaters!                                  I am settling in here in Richmond, VA and making some great connections in the community.  One very exciting connection I've made is to the Virginia Corrections Center for Women (VCCW) located in Goochland Court House, Goochland, VA. I've met the new warden, Lisa Hernandez, and will be working with her towards the development of an art programming for the encouragement of the women offenders.  This is so very exciting!       The arts are integral to learning and creativity as well as very therapeutic - all important to restoring hope and promise for our futures.   I've also become involved with an incredible foundation called The Kate's Foundation whose mission is to support education and address the needs of the women offenders in preparation for their re-entry into their families and working lives. I have become a board member of this foundation and look forward to working with them for the next term of 2 years.   

Another focus for me is refreshing my education with training for on line teaching, spiritual direction with creative expression, and counseling. With the counseling work I've been learning about resolving trauma, grief, and resentment through "Restoring Hope" and Advanced Appreciative Coaching. This certification is through Rob Voyle's ministry, The Appreciative Way.  I've been working with several folks who are finding its approach extremely helpful.  I am able to work both on line and face to face with folks.  Please feel free to make referrals. Thank you.                 May you be encouraged in HOPE today! 

MANYWATERS MINISTRIES                   5605 Eagle Lake Drive         Glen Allen, VA 23060              804-868-0041

Our website is being updated. Look often as we continue to share our plans and what's happening!

Psalm 46:4 - 6   There is a RIVER whose streams make glad the city of God, the place where the MOST HIGH dwells.